How to Embrace Rejection, 6 Tips to Help You Heal

rejection2 How to Embrace Rejection, 6 Tips to Help You HealWhen we have the wrong attitude about rejection it can hurt.  Learn how to handle rejection and be thankful for it.

Not too long ago I made a comment on Ken Wert blog, “Meant to be Happy”.  After commenting Ken ask me how I got into blogging.  The truth is after being rejected.

Whether it is a love relationship, family, peers or job related rejection can happen.  I have been rejected by love relationships, some family members, and in the corporate world.  I am very thankful, because I wouldn’t be who I have become without having gone through rejection.

My work related rejection story in short form:

I was working for a car dealership and was very good at my job.  Management changed and new management wanted to bring in some of their own people.  I am a humble person (anyway I try to be), but let’s face it I knew more about my job than my new boss, so I was out the door.

I was told in an unemployment hearing what a bad person I was, since she needed a reason for getting rid of me.  Yes, at first this really hurt and I had a little trouble comprehending what they did and said about me.  Then I realized the reason for the verbal abuse.  My new boss was only hurting herself in the long run and it really had nothing to do with me.  She would do or say anything to get what she wanted, because of her own fears.

After several months of not finding a job, because I was literally black ball from the job market, I started to pray and figure out just what I wanted to be when I grew up. LOL

One day it came to me to have a website about happiness, teaching people about what lessons life has taught me.  As you can see I have narrowed it down to relationships and the secret to happiness.

 I am very thankful for the rejection from the corporate world.

We deal with rejections all through life and if you don’t see it for what it really is you can be      consume by rejection.  Use these easy ideas, so rejection will stimulate you and prepare you for a much happier and better life.

1. Rejection is just another person’s opinion.  We cannot let someone else’s opinion affect who or what we are and take away our self-esteem.  We are all different and when someone rejects us, it really has nothing to do with us, unless of course we are real big #@% hole.

2. Rejection is letting us know that this relationship is not good for any parties involved for some reason.  It has nothing to do with your self-esteem or ego.  Look at it like a boat in the water with no motor or oars to make it go.

3. Rejection makes us stronger.  It gives us a chance to examine who we are and if we want or need to make any changes in ourselves.

4. Rejection helps us to take the right path in life.  If it had not been for the rejection in the corporate world, I would not have found a passion I love.

5. Rejection in love relationships help us to be with the right person.  This one can be a little hard to understand when your heart is breaking, but it is true.  Ask yourself, “Do I really want to be in a love relationship with someone that doesn’t love me?”  This is what I call a dead end street.  You will never feel the love you deserve.

I have been rejected in love and I am very thankful.  At the time I did not see the full picture, but now I see where that rejection has led me.  I would not have the beautiful children that I have nor found the wonderful man that I am married too.

6. Embracing rejection is embracing unconditional love.  What this means is that when someone rejects us, we can accept this, because of our love.  Maybe they will be happier without us around and we want their happiness before our own.  Love hurts, but staying with someone that rejects us will hurt us more in the long run.  Walk away with the right attitude and you will find the one that truly loves you for who you really are.

Are you getting the picture of seeing rejection with the right attitude?  Jesus felt rejection and he saved the world.  I really wouldn’t go that far, because that is an act that is reallllly hard to follow.

Forget about your ego or self-esteem, it has nothing to do with either.  Rejection keeps us on the path we are meant to be on.  It helps us grown and become the best we can be when we have the right attitude and learn by it.

Rejection is a wonderful tool to learn from, so don’t reject it.

What rejections have you had to deal with and come out a better and happier person?  Is rejection a good thing or a bad thing?  I’ll be waiting for your take on this.

Blessing to you,


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  1. Debbie,

    Thanks for sharing a piece of your story. For me, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about rejection or other setbacks is “there are no accidents without value.”

    We can learn, and heal, for every circumstance.


    • Hi Alex,

      This is very true, “There are no accidents without value.” I really like that Alex. We do learn and heal for every circumstance. thank you very much Alex for sharing this information. There is always a good lesson to learn with rejection.
      thanks again and blessing to you,

  2. Debbie,

    The most successful people are the ones who ‘bounce back’ from rejection…time and time again.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Andrew recently posted..This WordPress Plugin Provides All The Statistics You Need For A Successful BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Andrew,

      Bouncing back is the key to rejection. You are right on with that Andrew. It is like falling down and you have to keep getting back up. As for my story, will sometimes we have to share a little about ourselves, for people to really know us. Thank you for stopping by and adding to my post.

  3. Hi Debbie!

    Thanks for mentioning our exchange at my place. I loved reading about your start. So sorry it took such a rough shove in that direction though!

    “Rejection is just another person’s opinion”! What a wonderful statement! That’s my favorite. But rejection makes us stronger is a close second. Too few people have had to deal much with rejection in their lives. I think people who get into sales learn to deal with rejection with greater equanimity.

    Great post, Debbie!
    KenWert recently posted..Are You “Really” Good Enough?My Profile

    • Hi Ken,

      You are very welcome. I thought it was a good question and you deserved an answer. No worries, they did me a big favor that I will always be thankful for. When life throws those curve balls you just have to learn to bend and learn from them. In many ways I feel a little sorry for people that have had to deal with rejection, because it really bring out the best in you when you see the positive side of it.

      Thank you for the kind words and have a wonderful day and week!

  4. Hi Debbie, I’ve auditioned, applied and created things that I’ve been rejected for. The key for me is to go my best, but not have expectations about the outcome.. Next I’m applying for the Amazing Race! wish me luck!
    Michelle Vandepas recently posted..Hiking Straight Up The Manitou InclineMy Profile

    • Hi Michelle,

      Trying out for the amazing race. Wonderful and good luck. That is really cool!!!! Who is your partner? I do agree as long as we do our best and if we are rejection, figure out how we can even to better. Guess, people are like products, we can always create the new and improved. LOL
      Let me know about the amazing race.
      Blessing to you,

  5. Hi Debbie,
    and thank you. “Rejection” is just another word in our vocabulary that can have a multitude of meanings. It’s up to us which “meaning” we assign to it. Always look for the positive.
    be good to yourself
    David Stevens recently posted..Where’s the “Cash”?My Profile

    • Hi David,

      Yes, rejection can have man meaning to it. Assigning it a positive meaning will stop a lot of pain. Always look for the positive and you are right about that. There is always a positive side.
      Thanks David for sharing with me.
      Blessing to you,

  6. Rejection – I think when we do it – as in certain foods, people, ideas and forms of government – we’re smart. When we experience it, it’s part of the process – a fact of life. When we feel it, we’re wrong – we just rejected ourself.
    Thanks for sharing your story – enjoyed reading it!
    – Beat

    • Hi Beat,

      Yes, rejection is a part of life. And we do reject many things. When it comes to food we can rejection some foods that are very good for us. Guess, i better give a little thought to that one, spinach is good for us or liver and those are two that do reject. Thank for sharing and reminding me of the many other things we reject. And we do reject ourselves when we listen to others.


  7. Jon Kinsey

    It all comes down to our attitudes and how we view things. With a positive attitude and view point we can learn lessons rather than being a victim.

    Jon :-)

    • Hi Jon,

      Yes, you are right attitude is the key to how we view things. Thank you for sharing your positive thoughts. They are right on.
      Blessing to you,

  8. I LOVE this Debbie.

    Rejection really isn’t something you should take too personally. When I wrote about risk takers, studies showed that the most successful people they studied also had the most mistakes and failures. I’d assume several of those failures included rejection.

    Rejection is progress, you learn something and no longer have to spend time in an area that won’t produce fruits of success.

    Bryce Christiansen recently posted..Lead Without Followers, An Interview With Dave Ursillo (Part 1)My Profile

    • Hi Bryce,

      I really like this, “Rejection is progress, you learn something and no longer have to spend time in an area that won’t produce fruits of success.” And it is very true. When it comes to successful people they have had the most rejection and failures. that is why I believe they should call these 2 words positive words, not negative. There again you have to have a positive attitude when it comes to them.

      Thank you Bryce for sharing, and have a wonderful day,
      Blessing to you,

  9. Great post on dealing with rejection Debbie. I came to the same conclusion as you when it comes to rejection from others. It is only their perception plus they may be dealing with the some of their own issues that are affecting their perceptions.
    Justin recently posted..Freaky Haunts of Monkton Maryland Part 3My Profile

    • Hi Justin,

      We never do really know what other my be dealing with, and that is why to me we should never try to judge there perception and just move on if we don’t like it. Never judge anyone unless you have walked in there shoes.

      thank you for sharing and you are right on,
      Blessing to you,

  10. Hi Debbie,

    i enjoyed reading your post and clearly rejection has a silver lining. I’ve been rejected at different points in my life, but I agree that we should look at these moments as opportunities to learn something new. It makes us stronger people, and we can go on to find what will really bring us joy in life. Thanks for sharing.
    Cathy recently posted..Red Ribbon Week is This Week: What We Need to do NowMy Profile

    • Hi Cathy,

      You are welcome and thank you for sharing also. Yes, rejection does have a silver lining. We just have to look for it rather than taking the rejection personal or letting our ego get into the way.
      Blessing to you,

  11. “Rejection is just another person’s opinion.”

    Just understanding that one fact alone can help us to move past the rejection. Never let someone else’s opinion keep you from the happiness that you deserve!
    Grady Pruitt recently posted..Anyone can be a success! — Mastering Me MondayMy Profile

    • Hi Grady,
      I agree this is the biggest one. We care to much about other peoples opinions. If someone has an opinion, you listen, take from it what may be important to you and let the rest go. they are not you, and you are not them, so don’t try to be.
      Thank you Grady for sharing.
      Blessing always,

  12. Amazing! I have the exact same story you do. I even came to the same conclusion and started a blog. Well… I should say that I walked through about a year of confusion to get here. But, I’m here! Thanks for this article, Debbie! Don’t reject rejection. I love it!
    Kim recently posted..Help!! I’m in Debt!!My Profile

    • Thank you Kim. Glad to see that you survived rejection. It doesn’t matter how long it took you what is important that you got there.
      Blessing to you and thank you very much for sharing,

  13. It’s very interesting how different people deal with rejection. I feel in America people are more optimistic about the outcomes from failure and rejection. They help you in a lot of ways, and while they can hurt, how you deal with it matters most.
    Joel recently posted..Muscle Building For The MindMy Profile

    • Hi Joel,

      I think in America we have had to learn the hard way and this has made us more optimistic about the outcomes from failure and rejection. People in America are survivors and when you are a survivor you do learn to find the positive side of rejection.
      thank you for sharing this with me, I always appreciate it.
      Blessing always,

  14. Hi Debbie,

    What a nice list you have here. Exactly my friend, rejection is no more than someone else’s opinion and that opinion should be respected. Just like we don’t like everyone, we can’t expect to be liked by everyone. The soonger we accept this, the better for us. Thanks for sharing ;)
    Dia recently posted..Why am I so angry all the timeMy Profile

    • Hi Dia,

      Thank for adding that we should respect other opinion. We may not agree but that is ok. Thank you for the kind words and have a wonderful day.
      Blessing to you Dia,

  15. I’m so glad Ken prompted you to share a little of your story. When I was thinking about rejection in my own life, I also thought about what I had rejected in addition to times I was rejected. We all make choices, don’t we, all the time, and our choices can be experienced as rejection by others, just as their choices can be experienced as rejection by us.

    Your perspective on rejection is very helpful, and helps to clarify those boundaries between what is really about us, and what is about the other person.

    Thanks for a very thought provoking article.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Common SensesMy Profile

    • Hi Galen,

      Good thought there, What we have rejected. Sometimes we can be to quick to reject what others may be telling us that would help us. children can do this, Teenagers are big on it. Thinking we know it all will stop us from excepting what someone maybe trying to teach us. Good point that you brought up Galen and Thank you again.
      Have a wonderful day and blessing to you,

  16. Agree with you, we should take rejection positively and be strong while facing rejection, both at work and relationship. A good reminder for me. Thanks
    david recently posted..Cheap Privacy FencingMy Profile

    • Thank you David. Rejection is something that we all have to learn to handle. I am not saying that it is easy all the time, but the better we learn to handle it the happier we are going to be.
      thank you David for sharing and blessing to you.

  17. Hiya Debbie

    Great advice – Its nice to have a little background story about how you started, its amazing how a persons career can take on a whole new direction. taking the proactive approach is always the best solution. you used rejection to empower yourself and others, that’s Positive, the worlds a better place as a result.

    Blessings Debbie
    Lloyd Christie recently posted..The Art Of A Successful PlayerMy Profile

    • Hi Lloyd,
      thank you for the kind words. I always find it fun when I learn more about the people that I relate too and talk to. Life can change and what we do when those changes hit is what is important. Anything can be turned into positive if we just let things unfold in there own time.
      Thank you Lloyd for sharing with me.
      Blessing always,

    • Hi Lloyd, I tried to leave a comment on your post but it kept telling me to click back and type in the password. HELP!

  18. Chukwuka Okwukwe Chukwuka

    Hi! Debbie,

    Number 5 was the home truth for me. I’m that kind of guy that want to make everything perfect – relationship, health, career, etc and I do try my best to make it work.

    I suck most at relationships, though not really me but the other party – I’m not pushing blames though, that’s fact.

    I really now know that”s best not being in a relationship with them whether they say “I love you” or not. The word “love” is best noticed via actions not words alone.


    Chukwuka Okwukwe Chukwuka recently posted..7 Fascinating Inspirational Facts About Steve JobsMy Profile

    • Hi Chukwuka,

      Actions do speak louder that words. Take for example an abusive spouse. They do the abusing and then say “I am sorry and I love you.” Not so much. You say that you suck and most relationships, but it isn’t you. Maybe you are right about that, but at the same time are you picking the wrong person to get involved with. Maybe you should get to know someone that you just think is nice? You know you can’t always tell a book by it’s cover. I know that is older than me LOL, but it is true. When I first meant my hubby I just though he was nice and would make a good friend, until I really spent the time to get to know him. Just a thought there.
      Thank you for sharing these thoughts.
      Blessing to you,

  19. hunterX0506 says:

    I’m so glad Ken prompted you to share a little of your story. When I was thinking about rejection in my own life. | :P
    hunterX0506 recently posted..Guitars Tabs for BeginnersMy Profile

    • Glad I did this post. Thank you. What kind of rejection have you had to deal with in life? Love to hear about it. We heal by sharing our experiences.
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Blessing to you,

  20. Debbie,
    You’ve out done yourself this time. Fantastic tips to keep handy for when those rejections happen. No one escapes it. Thank you for sharing yourself so openly.
    Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny recently posted..Delight or Doom? 7 Signs You’ve Found the ‘Right’ Marriage MateMy Profile

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you for the kind word, Cheryl. Rejection is something that we all have to deal with. When dealt with in the right way it makes us a much better person. It can be a blessing instead of something bad.
      Blessing to you share and thank you again.

    • Hi again Cheryl. I was trying to leave a comment on your blog, but couldn’t get the link to work. Just wanted to let you know. I do like the post.

  21. Debbie,

    I treat rejection as a perfect learning platform. When it is on genuine grounds, I think there are lot of things to learn from it and improve ourselves. But when it is done on some reasons that are not justifiable, it requires lot of self motivation to cope with the rejection. Sometimes, it opens doors to new opportunities as happened in your case. The post is truly encouraging for anybody who tries to cope with rejection. Thanks for sharing it.
    George recently posted..Talk Unlimited,The NET 10 AdvantagesMy Profile

  22. Love this post… often we find out next step when we loose a job… or leave a marriage. The trick now is to keep growing, without the rejections! As always, you make me think.
    Michelle Vandepas recently posted..Love, Light and Business Author Bonnie WillowMy Profile

    • Hi Michelle,

      Sorry to make you think, Michelle. LOL You are right in that the trick to do grow when rejection has hit us. We all learn this way. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.
      Blessing to you always,

  23. Hi,this is great,I was feeling all brokenup about my ex rejecting me.but in the end it was for the best he couldn’t love me after all I did for him.even though I miss him sometimes this to shall pass,I am so better off.this site made me feel so much better,peace and love. And to all that might be hurting,you will be fine,don’t be so hard on yourself and give yourself time to heal this to shall pass:)

    • Hi Ann,

      Thank you for sharing with my readers. Breaking up can be hard to do, but in the end we are just closer to finding that one true love. I love your positive attitude about the break up. You are going to do just great in you life.
      Blessing to you always,

  24. Nina Stephenson says:

    I even came to the same conclusion and started a blog. Thanks for a very thought provoking article.
    Nina Stephenson recently posted..Cancer Tattoos TumblrMy Profile

    • Will Nina I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and approve your comment and let you have your link to try and sale your product. However i would really appreciate it if you would let me want the same conclusion you came too. Let get real here, if you really read the post you would have a better opinion then “I even came to the same conclusion and started a blog”.

      Where is the blog?
      Blessing anyway,

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