15 Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Good Self-Esteem

self esteem 4 15 Hacks:  A Cheat Sheet for Good Self EsteemMany relationships fall apart, because of a partner’s low self-esteem.  When we have low self-esteem in a relationship, we can become jealousy, cling to our partner, fear of them leaving us and feel very insecure in the relationship.

To have a strong relationship that is healthy and happy, self-esteem has to be strong.

One of the best ways to acquire good self-esteem is using positive affirmations.  Listed are 15 affirmations that can save your relationship and build your self-esteem.

1.    I am Loveable.  If you don’t love yourself how do you expect someone else to love you?  You have to know and believe you are lovable.  Say it often. “I am lovable.”

2.    I am worthy of love and friendship.  We all deserve to be loved, know this.

3.    I do accept myself completely.  By accepting yourself you will see the good points of who you are.

4.    I say positive things about myself to myself.  Self talk is very important.  When we talk positive to ourselves we will have a healthy mind.

5.    I am a kind, caring and decent person; I give love and receive love.  Think of a new born baby, don’t they deserve love, with a new self image you will feel like a new born baby.

6.    All false images of myself that have followed me from the past are dissolved.  With this you are letting go of the past and moving forward to a better future.

7.    I love and do accept all parts of me.  Even if I am short, or over weight it is me and I like the way I am.

8.    I am an interesting person.  If you know you are interesting you will be to your partner or friends.

9.    I share my feeling with others and they love and accept me.  When we share who we really are we gain others respect and trust.

10. I value and honor myself.  With this affirmation you are going to win the respect you deserve.

11. I enjoy being positive and having positive feeling.  With this attitude you will see the good in your relationship and build on that.

12. I am pleased with how I handle my emotions.   With this you are going to understand your emotions much better and love who you are becoming.

13. The world is full of beauty and abundance.  You are going to see your cup half full, instead of half empty.

14. I feel radiant and full of energy, abundant and health.  This is going to show you the positive side of your life and relationship.  Keep smiling until you feel that smile.

15.  I am interested in other people.  It is not all about you anymore, because your self- esteem is much better.  Your love for yourself is spreading to others.

I was one that had to build my self-esteem.  We receive a lot of “no’s” and “you can’t do that” when we are young.  Some of those come from parents, teachers or peers.  Anytime that we feel rejection it can affect our self-esteem.

Use these positive affirmation and see how your self-esteem can sky rocket and your relationships improve.

If you know of anyone that has a good marriage or relationships notice their self-esteem.  Good relationships are born when we love ourselves first.

Challenge yourself now by trying out a few of these affirmations to start with.  Write them on a card or print them out.  Heck, you can even write some on your mirror if it will help.  Repeat them daily and in no time your self-esteem will exceed your expectations.

If you have any affirmations that work for you that I haven’t mentions, let me know.  Just add them in the comment box.  Looking forward to hearing from you!



pixel 15 Hacks:  A Cheat Sheet for Good Self Esteem
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  1. Hi Debbie,
    “I am capable, I can do this”
    “I can imagine great things and bring them to me”

    Thank you for these 15 affirmations, they all stand tall and will certainly boost anyone’s self esteem.
    be good to yourself
    David Stevens recently posted..The Imagination series (episode 6)My Profile

    • Hi David,

      I like your two affirmations, David. It is so important to realize that we are capable of doing anything and that great things can come to us.

      I appreciate you sharing them with me and my readers. Blessing to you and I will give it my best to be good to myself.
      Thank again,

  2. excellent advice Debbie
    each one of them is enough to elevate self confidence by a good amount
    now if someone applied all 15 ones combined am sure his confidence will go up a lot
    thank you :)

    • Hi Farouk,

      Thank you, I do appreciate the kind words. I do know at one time in my life affirmations really helped me turn my life around. They help me to free myself from a verbal abusive husband. You are what and who you think you are and you have the power to change that if you don’t like the way life is treating you. By the way keep up the great work on your blog.
      Thanks again and blessing to you,

  3. Nancy Shields

    Hello Debbie and super post once again!

    There’s a wonderful book by Don Miguel Ruiz entitled “The Mastery of Love” and it states that we must love ourselves 100% to be able to love someone else. This is so true – this is why you see so many souls searching for their “soulmate” in bars, in malls and in so many places. They are missing a piece of themselves and are looking for this missing piece in another.

    So yes I do love myself and have found an amazing partner right now in my life that is a mirror of me!

    I use these mantra’s in my life daily,
    I am HAPPY
    I am LOVE
    I am JOY
    I am financially free
    I am YOURS (GOD’s)….
    May the possibilities of today excite me!

    In gratitude to you,

    • Hi Nancy,

      that is beautiful Nancy. Those are great affirmations for daily use. I am very happy that you have found an amazing partner. I do know how great that feels.

      That is where people mess up they are the missing piece, not someone else. Make yourself whole and love will find away.
      Thank you again for sharing with me and my readers. You really added to this post.
      Blessing always,

  4. Hi Debbie,

    Job well done! This list is truly worth printing out and setting next to my laptop. Thanks for the helpful reminders!
    Vic recently posted..Eight Surefire Ways To Improve Your PersonalityMy Profile

    • Hi Vic,

      thank for the very kind words. I do appreciate them. Glad to be there for you, like you are always helping me with your blog post.
      Have a wonderful day and blessing to you always,

  5. I just love your post and that I will tell myself every morning that I am me and God gave me this being and I should love it and I am positive everyday. Thank you very much for this wonderful post mam. please do keep on going with giving out positive and affirmative post.
    loliting recently posted..ASIAN DATING SITESMy Profile

    • Thank you! When we don’t like ourselves it is an insult to God. This is something that people forget. thank you for reminding me of it. Our maker made us and we should except how he made us, because he know what it always right. With positive affirmations it is just a matter of working with him and trying to be the best we are meant to be.
      Thank you and blessing to you,

  6. hunterX0506 says:

    They are missing a piece of themselves and are looking for this missing piece in another. | :P
    hunterX0506 recently posted..racing games for kidsMy Profile

    • You are right. Anytime a person has low self-esteem, they will look for someone else to fix it rather than seeing the real problem. Self-esteem is a very important when it comes to relationships. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      Blessing to you,

  7. Hi Debbie,

    Very nice post my friend. If we don’t have high self esteem, then our relationship with our partner won’t last. Not only that, but it will be hard for us to be happy. We have to realize that we are worthy of love and deserve the best all the time. Once we raise our self esteem, we are on the road to making our relationship work. Thanks for sharing my friend
    Dia recently posted..My girlfriend doesnt love meMy Profile

    • Hi Dia,

      Thank you for sharing your input on self-esteem. You can never have a good relationship unless you have good self-esteem. Unless you are with a person that realizes this is your problem and is willing to work with you to help build your self-esteem and you are willing to work with them.
      Thank again Dia for sharing we me and my readers.
      Blessing to you always and I love hearing from you.

  8. At a women’s retreat I led last month, I asked everyone to write a love letter to themselves about how much they loved themselves. If it was a challenge, I suggested they write it from whoever loves or loved them best in the whole world. Or like the prayer, “God, please help me see myself the way my dog sees me.” Or from God. I was surprised by how difficult this was for some of the women, especially older women. I think they would all benefit from your affirmations. Thanks.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..The M WordMy Profile

    • Hi Galen,

      Thank you for sharing Galen. I really like what you said, “God, please help me see myself the way my dog sees me.” When it comes to dogs they always love the master. Great way to tell them. We all need to write a love letter to ourselves once in awhile. Great exercise for people to do.
      Thanks again for sharing it and God’s blessing to you,

  9. Great list of affirmations.

    I set and reach goals easily.
    I am a great husband/wife/father/mother/parent.
    I can do anything I set my mind to achieve.

    Hope you’re having a great day!
    Grady Pruitt recently posted..What Is A Better Way Than Punishing Children For Misbehavior?My Profile

    • Hi Grady,

      Love your affirmations.
      I set and reach goals easily.
      I am a great husband/wife/father/mother/parent.
      I can do anything I set my mind to achieve.

      Even when we are where we want to be, we can always use those affirmations. they help keep us on track. thank you for sharing your we us.
      Blessing to you always,

  10. It’s good to read your post. Taking time to look at your inner self could reveal lot and tell you what areas need improvement. Sometimes finding the right person to talk and share your emotions is all that is required to overcome difficult situations.
    George recently posted..Talk to Your Heart’s content, Subscribe to NET 10 AdvantagesMy Profile

    • Hi George,

      You are right, sometimes we just have to find the right person to share our emotions with and talk. It is amazing what we can learn, that helps us overcome difficult situations.
      thank you for sharing and I am gold that you like the post, Out self-esteem is very important!
      Blessing always,

  11. It’s like having a supercharge reading through all those positive affirmations. Well done Debbie.

    I’m usually a fairly positive person, but even I can have my times in the dumps. This will certainly help for such moments.

    Bryce Christiansen recently posted..8 Ways to Build Resilience Like a ChampMy Profile

    • Hi Bryce,

      We can all use a little supercharge once in awhile with a little positive affirmation.
      thank you for the kind words and have a great day,
      Gods Blessing to you,

  12. These are great, Debbie!

    Like many of your tips imply, ultimately, I think self-esteem must include being able to respect the person staring back at us from the mirror. All the positive affirmations in the world won’t do much to lift our self-esteem unless we are basically decent people, worthy of being thought highly of. But if we are decent people, affirmations can do wonders in inspiring in us a desire to grow and improve and live more fully.

    great work, Debbie!
    KenWert recently posted..Metaphors of the Mind: How to Change Your Thoughts and Have Fun Doing It!My Profile

    • Hi Ken,

      You are right when it comes to being a decent person. Positive affirmation will not help someone that is evil, hateful, etc. We have to have respect for the person looking back at us in the mirror. Like the way you added that Ken. Thank you very much, because it is very true.
      blessing always,

  13. For me, I think the most important thing is to love your self. How can you love someone else if you don’t love yourself. This affirmations was perfect! This will teach us to have a good self-esteem to achieve a good relationship. And always be happy to have a happy and healthy relationship.
    John T. recently posted..Propiedades del alpiste.My Profile

    • Hi John,

      Thanks John for sharing your thoughts. Good self-esteem does build good relationships. It is like setting us free, to be who and what we are suppose to be. You are right if you want someone to love you, it does start with loving yourself.
      thanks again and may you always be blessed.

  14. I also agree that liking not loving and respecting yourself makes you confident and improve your self-esteem. All these makes you irresistible to the others and they have no chance but to like you as well:)
    Anna recently posted..What shall I do for wisdom tooth pain relief?My Profile

    • Hi Anna,

      Yes, we do have to love and like ourselves for others to love and like us. When we don’t it just makes other pull away from us. And it can cause a negative attitude.
      Thank you “Anna for sharing your thought on this post.
      Blessing to you,

  15. hello debbie

    how are you?

    thanks for sharing this article on low self esteem. i have come across a few people who are stuck in difficult relationships and are afraid to either get out or rise to the occasion because they worry about no one loving them.(a trap caused by low self esteem). in some cases people may get abused but still hang on due to insecurities faced.

    your list of affirmations are quite helpful because they focus on spurring one to action as well as accepting who they are (constructively). it reminds people that they have a lot to give and they can certainly enjoy themselves and be happy.

    thanks for sharing.

    take care and enjoy the rest of the day.

    • Hi Ayo,

      You ask how am I? Little slow in answering your comment, but other that that life is great. Thank you for asking. And you How are you doing?

      You are right, many people stay in an abuse relationship or bad relationship because of low self-esteem. I way hoping that the affirmations would spur one into action. Life is just to short to live it hiding under a bush or behind it.
      Thank you for sharing and blessing to you.

  16. Howdy! Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with us so I came to take a look. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers!

    • Hi There,

      Nice to hear that others are sharing my site. I do appreciate it. Happy to hear that you are liking the information.
      Blessing to you,

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