Choose happiness today, tomorrow may be too late!

I have to admit that these last two weeks have been a little rough but life does go one.

Two weeks ago a friend of my daughter’s was murdered.   And then yesterday a wonderful gentleman that I use to work with was killed in a car accident on his way to work.  We never know what is going to happen tomorrow and that is why today is so important.

As a tribute to these 2 wonderful people that touched my life and to all the other people that have been called home too early in life I want to promise them that I will do my best to live my life to the fullest with these tips.

1. Dare to dream the impossible

2. Make a habit of giving back more then I take.

3. Be thankful for everything that I have.

4. Never procrastinate and leave anything undone.

5. Be a positive influence for others and make a difference.

6. Try new things.

7. Always give out smiles.

8. Look toward the future and learn from the past.

9. Challenge myself.

10. Learn from a bad situation and make the most out of it by seeing the positive side.

11. Try hard to make people proud of me.

12. Not let fear stop me from living.

13. Be willing to step out of my comfort zone.

14. Never be something or someone I am not.

15. Laugh every day.

16. Find time for the important people in my life.

17. Never go to bed angry.

18. Seize new opportunities when they appear.

19. Go out of my way to help improve others lives by my actions.

20. Find fun and pleasure in small things.

Bad things do happen in life, but when we learn by them we can lead a much happier life and enjoy the good things.  Honor the people we lose along the way by learning lesson from them and being the best we can be.

Isn’t that what you would want if you were called home earlier than expected?

May you all be blessed with happiness and pull the positive out of any negative situation!


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  1. Michelle Vandepas

    Just knowing that each day is precious and staying n the moment is so important. thank you
    Michelle Vandepas recently posted..Catherine Danette – Expert In Healing Energy around Birth ExperiencesMy Profile

    • Hi Michelle,

      Yes, each day is precious and that is what I what to remind people of. Sometimes we get so busy we can just take things and people for granite. You my sweet lady have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by.

  2. Nancy Shields

    So sorry to hear of the sadness of death…but you bring out wonderful points and so does Michelle – I must add one more – Always tell the people you love that you love them…..
    In love and light,
    Nancy Shields recently posted..Entitlement- Equality and MonogamyMy Profile

    • Yes, you are right Nancy. Wow how could I forget that one. Must have been dosing off. Thanks so much for the reminder. However I do tell my hubby and my children I Love You when I talk to them. Thank you Nancy for the reminder of I Love you, that one is so important.
      Many blessing to you Nancy and hugs too.

  3. Hi Debbie,
    I like the reminder in number 18: seize opportunities when they appear. Especially the ones that don’t immediately look like opportunities :)
    Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny recently posted..A Massive Traffic Generation Blogging ContestMy Profile

    • Hi Cheryl, our shinning star! You go Girl!!! Anyway thanks for coming by. Yes, when it comes to seizing the opportunity we must do that. You are a wonderful example on that one. I am so proud of you. You just make me smile

  4. Debbie — you post is simply beautiful. I hope many, many people get to read it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Lisa

    • You are very welcome Lisa. I have to admit that I am hoping many people can learn by it. Life is just can be can go fast, so we need to make the most out of every day. Have a wonderful week end

  5. Hi Debbie,

    Choosing happiness constantly is crucial. I love your third point Debbie, being thankful for what we have all the time is crucial. The more we are grateful, the happiness will be ours. :) Thanks for sharing Debbie
    Dia recently posted..How you learned to worryMy Profile

    • You are welcome Dia. You are right the more we are grateful, the happiness will be ours. I always say a little thank you pray before going to sleep.
      That reminds me, I want to thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  6. Thanks for the wonderful message. I always fall into the trap of prolonging happiness to the future when I achieve all my goals, or when I get so and so done. But today and right now is the best time to choose happiness!
    Henway recently posted..Is cleansing healthyMy Profile

  7. Debbie, thanks for the reminder – to live today. Just earlier today I was down-sizing old stuff of mine – correspondence, documents, photos and such. Before I knew it I was away in a couple of other time zones. I gave me the blues.The return into the now – into the precious present – felt like a homecoming. You are so right – happy beats the blues anytime.
    Beat Schindler recently posted..Stand-Up CoachMy Profile

    • You are very welcome Beat. It is not good to give yourself the blues, but i am sure glad that you found your way back to the present. The present can be like a homecoming. I like that. Take care and stay in the happy zone!
      Thanks again fro stopping by

  8. Debbie

    Thanks for sharing your list. I’m going to print it out and remind myself everyday.

    Andrew recently posted..One Of The Most Important Functions You Can Add To Your BlogMy Profile

    • Cool Andrew. At last I can do something for you instead of you always having to fix things for me. LOL
      Thanks wonderful friend. Have a very wonderful weekend.
      Debbie x

  9. Hi Debbie – so sorry to hear the terrible news. Thank you so much for staying at it in promoting happiness, no matter the emotions that must be vibrating through you at the present time. It goes to show, that happiness is a lifestyle – we’ll of course run into serious life challenges, but it’s a choice to pitiful, or happy. I know it’s easier said than done – but you represent happiness.

    Thank you!
    Jk Allen recently posted..Control Negative Perception through Personal BrandingMy Profile

    • You are welcome Jk. Happiness is a life style and knowing Amara and Chip they did live life in the fullest. Chip always did everything his way, not the way society thought he should. It was wonderful to see. He was true to himself and we can always learn from people like that. They both will be missed, but I am very luck they crossed by path. I am a better people because of this.
      You my friend have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Wow, Debbie. Your response to these traumas is a powerful and healthy lesson for all. I applaud your optimism and deep reflection in the face of these challenges. We have the choice to begin living a better life right now by noticing any limiting thought-habit that has distorted our model of reality, and obey our yearning to return to the truth by asking, “How can I see this differently?”

    • Thank you Rob. I do believe that there is something to learn in any situation. I really like the way you say it, “How can I see this differently?” That is the key when it comes to a when bad things to happen. thank you very much for the kind words and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  11. Sorry to hear about your sadness, but what a wonderful tribute and response. All are important, but I do like #19 – I will try to do it more. Thank you!
    Joel recently posted..How To Write For Your BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Joel and thank you. Life does happen and we do have to look on the positive side and learn from situations. I like #19 too. it can be a wonderful goal. You have an wonderful evening and thank you again.

  12. Debi,

    Tomorrow doesn’t belong to us, but we do have today!

    This is an inspiring list.



    • Thank you Krizia. Glad you enjoyed the list.

  13. Hey Debbie,

    Number 15 has been a hobby for me – kidding. :)

    No I’m just glad I have this happy spirit that God gave me which I find really helpful when facing all these challenges. Wonderful post.


    • Hi Tyrone,

      Number 15 does make a good hobby. We are blessed when we have a God given happy spirit. What is cool about that is we can rub off on other people and this makes there lives much better. Keep it up and thank you for sharing. Blessing to you. Debbie

  14. Debbie,

    I’m very sorry for your losses. Two in two weeks by unnatural means is a big number.

    With all the extra work in my life at present, it’s been hard to keep #16 on your list, but I’ve been stubborn about showing up with friends at least once or twice a month. I haven’t been showing up with this group, however, and I vow to change that.

    Though my son is 16, we still have supper together every night, unless he’s out with his dad. He’s not dating yet, but I know that will change soon enough!

    Sherri–Being the Change I Wish to See recently posted..Ugandan kill-the-gays bill part 16- Rachel Maddow interviews David BahatiMy Profile

    • Hi Sherry,

      It is good to hear from you. It is always important to find the time for the important people in our lives. It is wonderful that you and your son still take the time to share a meal together. Even when he starts dating, he’ll have to eat before the movies. LOL I bet you will find the time.
      thanks again Sherry and have a wonderful week. Debbie

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