Whatever Makes You Happy, Not What Makes Society Happy!


Choose Happiness Your Way

You have to love the entire hype when it comes to happiness.  I really want to apologize for some of my blog post. There is one thing that I forgot to tell you about myself.  I have always had a little rebel in me! Now you know.

If you want to be happy you have to eat right, exercise, take your pills that are going to make you younger and live longer. The April issue of Reader’s Digest says on the front cover reads; “The Vitamin Scam.”  It talks about how we are being ripped off when told we need these extra vitamins.

Give me a break and stop trying to sale me all your crap and telling me it is going to make me happier!

Here is a list of things you DON’T want to do if you want to choose happiness:

Go to the Doctor every time you have a pain: He is just going to put you on a pill that probably isn’t good for you anyway.  The doctor will always find something wrong, that is his job how days.

Sign up for a gym member ship: You are going to be so busy going to the gym that you don’t have time to be happy and do the things you really like to do.  At least you will still be giving them your money at 90, because you are in good shape.

Work for the future and save: There goes your balance and happy life.  You are too busy with working that you don’t have time for your family or friends.   One day you will wake up and that future will be gone, because you worked yourself to death.  Here again your children will now inherit your money, so they can go out an blow it.

Eat just the right Food: Improve your diet: more fruit, vegetables and water; less sugary food, takeaways and alcohol. Your skin as well as your body will thank you.  Hey, you will be healthy (maybe) but are you really getting any joy out of your eating habits.  Think of all the people that made money off you because you bought their organic food even if you don’t know what organic really means.

Having the right job or career: Let us not forget how the world judges if we are not in the right profession.  Let’s take stay at home moms for example.  You just don’t have a brain in your head if you are not out making money somehow.  When raising children is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but the world thinks you just sit around and watch soaps and eat bon –bon’s all day.

Appearance: We have to be just the right size and shape.  Wear the right clothes that are in style and do everything we can to hide our age.  Does anybody really care?  They are too busy trying to look good themselves.

Living in the right house: Oh, yes you have to work your butt off, so you can live in the right house and right neighborhood.  Then when your kids go to the right schools they can impress their classmates.

These rules of society need to be thrown out the window.  There is no place for happiness when you go by them.

If you really want to choose happiness; follow your own rules.

Stop listening to the news, TV ads and even some of the internet.  Remember when they said eggs were bad for you?  Now they tell us they are good for us.  Every time I hear about something being bad for me, I just keep doing it or using it, because sooner or later this to will be retracted.

People just want to sell their stuff and they will tell you anything to get you to buy it.  When it comes to doctors and prescription drugs did you know that every time a doctor prescribes a drug they get a kick back from the drug company?  No wonder doctors just keep putting people on drugs; they are making more money for their own pockets.

My question to you is; Are you going to sit back and let society take away your happiness by doing everything they think you should do just to be safer, healthier and look younger?

Isn’t it time we be ourselves and choose to be happy?  Look forward to hearing your comments about how society takes your happiness way.

Here is to your happiness without all the hype,


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  1. We’re all different, some people may well feel happier as a result of going to the gym or eating the right food etc; it comes down to what we all consider important. Doing these things because you think they are the ingredients of a happy life is wrong. But as there is no recipe as such for happiness, deliberately avoiding them is equally wrong if done to try and be happy.
    That probably doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense!
    .-= David Rogers´s last blog ..Looking for Happiness – Time to Celebrate? =-.

    • Hi David,

      I agree with in the fact that if someone is doing it for the right reasons it will bring them happiness. On the other hand are they doing it because they are a follower or leader of their own happiness?

      Thanks you very much for your input. it is appreciated

  2. My opinion –

    This is the best post you have written.

    You are going to get a lot of people mad. I love that in a person.

    I hate going to the doctor. My doctor hates going to a doctor.

    They give you too many tests you do not need.

    (you know, we always knew you were not a goody-two-shoes!)
    .-= Corinne Edwards´s last blog ..A LOVE STORY – and pussycats =-.

    • Hi Corinne,

      Thank you Corinne. Guess the truth is coming out, no I am not a goody to shoes. There have been times in my life that I would not give my opinion for fear of rocking the boat. But hey I sunk the boat, so I guess I have nothing to lose anymore.

      Sometimes you do have to make people mad to get them to thinking. Kind of like that best friend you had to tell something to and you knew it was going to make them mad and later they thanked you for telling them.
      Thanks again, appreciate your thoughts lol

  3. Do what makes you happy? I don’t get that. too much fluff.. but. I do get to do what makes your soul sing..what makes you stretch – (but not bored) what makes you reach and grown and love and laugh. and that is NOT going to the doctor.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Spiritual Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe Paul Rademacher from Monroe Institute =-.

    • Michelle you hit the nail on the head. Do What makes your “soul sing”. The problem is people want to please others more then themselves. So with advertising and news,etc. people will follow the crowd rather then say, NO THAT DOESN’T HELP MY HAPPINESS. I’ll make them happy rather then myself.
      Like you say get rid of the fluff.
      Thanks for giving me your opinion.

  4. Debbie, what you’re saying – if you don’t have a plan for your happiness, somebody else has a plan for you – is no doubt true beyond question or argument. But what if a happy person does the things on your list, will s/he then be unhappy? Maybe happiness is a choice, at the beginning of the day, rather than circumstantial, at the end of the day?

    PS. Nearly abandoned the intent of commenting. Your blog and blog post were very slow to load. Not that big a deal, just thought you might want to know.
    .-= Beat Schindler´s last blog ..Personal Growth The Easy Way: Focus On Your Strengths =-.

    • Good point Beat and I feel society does try to choice our happiness. If you are doing the things that I state for the wrong reasons it will bring you unhappiness.

      Say for example that you do sign up for a gym membership, but you hate exercising. No matter how hard you try you just can’t get into it. On the other hand it is politically correct to be long to a gym and exercise, because that is what the society says. You will lose your happiness because you are trying to follow society rather then who you really are.

      Happiness is a choice, so if you follow what is politically correct you may be happy for a while because you are fitting in, but then wake up on day and realize this isn’t me.


  5. Really great one. What I like the most is to stop saving for the future. I’m not saying to live for today and be irresponsible, but I spent so much time securing the future that the time of present slips through my fingers. Right now my biggest happiness is my family, watching my daughter growing up.

    • Hi Tom,

      My hubby is a big one in living for the future and forgetting about the present. I give him a bad time about it every chance I get.

      Those little ones grow up fast enough, so taking a little time every day for them helps when they become teenagers. If they know you are their for them when they are little, they will remember that when they teens and come to you when they need listened too.

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. You have some good suggestions here, but I disagree on some points.

    It’s much easier to be happy when you have your health. Regular exercise at a gym and a good diet can go a long way to make you healthy.

    • I do agree with you John that one is happier if your healthy. However what is good for one person to keep there heath may not be good for another.
      I just feel it is wrong for people to keep pushing what helps them onto other people, just to make money.
      And that is what society is doing.

      There are many ways to get some exercise besides a gym. As for food what taste good to one person may not taste good to another. When it comes to organic food I do believe they are just putting a new label on a product and upping the price.

      Thank you for your comment, it is really appreciated.

    • I do agree with you John that one is happier if your healthy. However what is good for one person to keep there heath may not be good for another.
      I just feel it is wrong for people to keep pushing what helps them onto other people, just to make money.
      And that is what society is doing.

      There are many ways to get some exercise besides a gym. As for food what taste good to one person may not taste good to another. When it comes to organic food I do believe they are just putting a new label on a product and upping the price.

      Thank you for your comment, it is really appreciated.

  7. Interesting posts, and I agree that we each need to think for ourselves and do what makes us feel good. However, I also agree with John that we’re not going to feel very good without a good diet and exercise. Eating what makes us feel good emotionally all the time may not be what is good for our physical body, Obesity has become such a problem and has such an impact on our health. I can’t help but think that impacts our happiness too.
    .-= Teagan´s last blog ..Another Food Recall =-.

    • Hi Teagan,

      I do agree that diet and exercise can affect our happiness. What I really get tired of is people always telling what is good for us. One month it is one thing and the next month it is something else. I was always taught to eat a balance diet of meat, vegetables and fruits. Now they tell you what meat, what vegetables and what fruits you should eat and not eat. When it comes to exercise you are not with the program if you don’t ride a bike, belong to a gym, etc.

      What I am saying is what works for one person may not work for the next person. I don’t mind someone telling me what works for them, then I will decide if it is a good idea for myself.

      Obesity is definitely a problem. My hubby has a problem with weight, but he is the one that has to do something about it. By the news reports, TV ad’s, etc. and shoving ideas and reports down peoples throat all the time is either going to get them to say heck with it all or confuse them so much they don’t know what to do.

      At one time they reported that eggs were bad for you, about a year later they said, oops eggs are good for you. I do not listen to all the ad’s and reports out there I do what makes my body feel good not what society tells me is correct.

      Yes, i do agree with it affecting happiness, but isn’t it time to listen to your body and not to society?
      Thanks Teagan appreciate you input.

  8. Just ME in T says:

    One other things you did not mention.

    As Reader’s Digest is heavilly backed by Big Pharmaceutical Companies, you cannot trust an article telling you vitamins are no good for you….. me thinks


    • I have to agree with you to a point, but I don’t feel that all the vitamins out there are as good for you as real food. My parents lived good long healthy lives and they ate food, not vitamins. Everybody is trying to sale something these days, so you just have to be careful in what is really good for you. I had a doctor put me on some medication for my bones and it was affecting my right arm so much I was having trouble using it. Vitamins are like anything else little may be good for you, but if it is over used it is no longer good for you.
      Thanks for your input.

  9. I do agree with some of what you are saying. I think it comes down to stop trying to buy our way to happiness and we certainly do have to find our own individual paths.
    One thing that I do think about though, is that I have no right to pursue my happiness at the expense of others or the Earth.
    When I consider what will make me happy, I also have to consider it’s impact and make a different choice if that impact is too great.
    This is important, because there will be no happiness to be found if we use up all of the planet’s resources and devastate the only home we have.
    Jenny Ann Fraser recently posted..The Grand FinaleMy Profile

    • Hi Jenny. Thank you for stopping by. You are appreciated. Anyway back to the subject. When it comes to pursuing happiness and what you said reminds me of my oldest daughter. She has been a go getter all her life. Seen it when she was very small. I use to always tell her that you can have what you want in life, but remember never take anything from someone else to get what you want. Or never walk on someone or use someone else just to get where you want to go. She remember me saying that and is always very careful not to do either.

      We do have to find ways not to use up our planet’s resources, I agree very much on this.
      Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

  10. Hi Debbie the problem is we are all products of the society we live in. Whether it be right or wrong. The point about happiness as far as I am concerned is. We have to make the right choices for us and make than work. If you give 100% to what your belief of happiness is there is a good chance you will achieve it. If you don’t at least you know you have given it your best shot

    Thanks lee
    Lee recently posted..Tummy Control UnderwearMy Profile

    • Debbie Bills says:

      Hi Lee,

      Making the right choice does help with our happiness. However i am one that has made many wrong choice, but when I do I look at the positive side of the situation. If we make a wrong choice we can learn by it and grow as a person.

      Happiness is something that comes from the inside, society is the outside to me. For happiness we have to appreciate and be grateful for what we do have. Enjoy our days and be grateful for tomorrow when it comes

      Thank you for sharing your take on happiness. I hope that you are giving it a 100% and do achieve it.

      Blessings to you,

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